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Efficiency. Evolution.
Better and better every day.

Because you are in a constant motion and you need a partner to enhance technology in order to ease your everyday challenges. We created based on best practices from Automotive industry – Sales Partner, a ready to use tool, yet customizable that makes the internal process easier and more efficient. You gain time and data accuracy.

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Ready-to-use, yet customizable

Sales Partner is a ready-to-use automation solution, yet customizable according to the specific business needs, dedicated to the automotive industry.

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Improve your selling process with just one solution

Automate leads allocation and processing.

Multi-brand auto configurator.

Fully auditable and controlled sales process.

RPA Automation for stock and orders.

Invoicing and Payment automation.

Integrated market reporting.

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End-to-end business automation

From the very beginning, we wanted to develop an end-to-end business automation solution, easy to integrate with existing systems and to help our clients to have a result’s overview by implementing BI and performance management solutions.

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